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Rescue/Non-Profit Tips


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Please note: The following suggestions are a collection of real life examples that past rescues have found successful. Rescues and non-profits have asked for donations using the ideas below to increase donations desire. We hope this information helps! If you would like to share methods that you have used at one of our shows please email us type in the subject line "Rescue and Non-Profit Tips".

  1. Take advantage of not only the space in your booth, but also the FREE space in the mega-adoption area.
  2. Have a donation jar at both your booth AND at the space in the mega-adoption area.
  3. Create a game that attendees can play for a donation with small prizes to be won.
  4. Give kids or pets temporary tattoos/stenciled airbrush design/face painting for small donation.
  5. Come up with a theme and decorate both your booth space and the space in the mega-adoption area. It's a pet party atmosphere, so make it exciting!
  6. Host a raffle with a grand prize for donations. Offer the option to purchase multiple tickets, for example: $5 for 5 Tickets and $10.00 for 15 Tickets.
  7. Arrange a volunteer photographer to take playful photos of people with their pets for suggested donations.
  8. Place a donation jar on each cage asking for donations to support each of the individual animals and itemize what that donation would cover, i.e. $20 buys a warm fleece blanket for Fido.
  9. Display a photo of an animal in need and their individual story next to the donation jar.
  10. Break an animal out of a kennel jail; also known as 'kennel release' or 'bail out a pound puppy'. This is where a dog or cat is kept in a cage or kennel area or once that animal raises their goal amount ($100 for example) he/she is then released to give thankful hugs and kisses to the donators.
  11. Create a 'matching' game. Match the name cards to the correct animals' cages. Winner gets a small prize. Also, the attendees will get a chance to spend more time looking for their potential new family member!
  12. Promote a 'guessing' contest. Guess the number of animal toys, biscuits, pellets, etc. for a suggested donation with a prize for a winner.
  13. Sponsor an animal's vaccination(s), spay or neuter
  14. Set up and oversee a silent auction for donated items/services as a means of fundraising to your captive audience.
  15. Display a kissing booth. Pet Smooches in exchange for a donation plus an added revenue opportunity if you have a photographer who can capture the moment and provide pictures.

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